Style Strategy

A head-to-toe image and confidence boost

As much as we all wish it did, personal style doesn’t come naturally to all women. Even for those who are blessed with an eye for fashion, it’s still easy to get stuck in a comfort zone or lose touch with what cuts and styles truly flatter our bodies. The colours and clothes we wear can have a huge impact on our general sense of well-being and the way we feel about our bodies. If you are dressing in clothes which no longer fit or flatter you it can dramatically impact on your vibrancy, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Whilst it might seem like a luxury, a Style Strategy session is a sound investment which will continue saving you money long after your day with us is over. The average woman spends around £1000 per year on clothes but actually only wears 30% of what is in her wardrobe. A Style Strategy session can be worked around any budget and will provide you with all the information you need to shop effectively in future, helping you to avoid impulse buys and preventing unsuitable clothing selections. By knowing what works best for you and creating a capsule wardrobe to fit, which is stylish yet versatile, you’ll get 100% wear out of your items, as well as real value for money.

During these sessions we will show you how to:
  • Dress for your body shape – choosing the right cuts and styles which flatter you
  • Accessorise confidently
  • Prize you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to try new looks
  • Shop smart – teaching you to think carefully about what you buy and how to invest in quality key pieces which won’t date and will last
  • Identify the best colour palettes for you based on personal colour analysis and the awareness of your dominant colouring type
  • Recognise those designers and brands which are best suited to your physique
  • Teach you how to mix high street and designer brands successfully
  • Dress stylishly and confidently to suit your lifestyle
  • Create a wonderful capsule clothes collection, based on a budget you can afford

Whether you purely want to update your wardrobe, focus on shopping for clothes for a special occasion, or require a style overhaul for your work or personal life, we can cater for all your personal needs.

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