Dress SOS

Lifesaving Outfit Emergency Service

We have all been there, a special event is fast approaching but low and behold, there is nothing in our wardrobes suitable and we have zero time to go scouting the shops… sound familiar? Well don’t panic, as Make Me Fabulous UK has the perfect rescue remedy in the form of our special Dress SOS service.

Our style team is constantly scouting designer collections and the most fashionable high street retailers—monitoring for must have items and new arrivals. This means that we are continuously keeping abreast of what is available in the shops and know exactly which cuts and styles work on all different body shapes and sizes.

Having taken you through a detailed phone consultation to establish details about the event, your personal style, how you want to feel, your measurements and the budget you have available, we set about taking all the hard work and stress out of your hands. Armed with this information, we focus on selecting three suitable outfit options for you to choose from—complete with shoes and accessories if required. We also target our searches to areas where it is going to be easy for you to come and review the choices available.

If desired, we can also meet you for the fitting sessions in person, to provide our professional opinion on the best of the options selected before you commit to any purchases, or advise remotely via the use of a smart phone or IPad.

If you have an outfit emergency and are in need of our Dress SOS service then please contact us!

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