Fashion Flow Parties

Spreading fashion joy

Do you have a closet full of clothes you don’t wear any more? Well the likelihood is so do most of your friends! 92% of us have clothes sat in our closets just gathering dust.

We all know that one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. Just because you no longer wear these items, it does not mean that your friends won’t love them or be willing to give them a new home.

The average UK woman spends £1000 a year on clothes, with only a third of these items ever being worn. This equates to a lot of financial waste just sat at the back of your closet!

Thankfully savvy women around the world are now catching on to the phenomenon of clothes recycling and the potential treasures that can be found via clothes swapping.

Based on this concept, Make Me Fabulous UK has created Fashion Flow Parties. These parties are a fun and fantastic way to spend an evening in with friends—in the comfort of your own home—enjoying great music, a nice glass of wine, trying on each other’s unwanted items, and making exchanges for those pieces that you like and will wear. With Make Me Fabulous UK facilitating, you are guaranteed a fun and experienced personal stylist, who will advise on your decisions and prevent you from impulse swaps.

As well as keeping your unwanted fashion items flowing, this is also a fabulous way to do your bit for the environment! At the end of the party Make Me Fabulous UK ensures that all unwanted items are removed and given to charity for their own resale, therefore benefiting a good cause!


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