Celebrating Glamour at Cannes

This fantastic event is one that we personally love to take style notes from, perhaps because it’s Cannes, perhaps it’s because its glamour at its best…who knows, but the Make Me Fabulous UK girls have been talking about it for days!

This year the red carpet saw an array of colours and shapes on all of our favourite A listers, white being a popular choice by many which was a fantastic colour choice to wear as the Cannes festival definitely has that luxurious sunshine feel.

We have selected our top five favourite looks and explained why they looked fantastic. We have also identified a few we felt got it wrong and tried to explain why the looks don’t work. Whilst doing this we thought that it would be helpful to see how the same person can get it so right and then select an outfit that lets them down…proving that even the best of them can  make the occasional fashion faux pas.

The best of….

Uma Thurman in Versace

Uma absolutely nailed it here in this Versace dress and looked so beautiful in this white creation. She chose emerald green Chopard jewellery which is quite an edgy colour when paired next to white, it’s also a colour seen paired with allot of Grecian looks, which is one reason why her finished look works so well. She avoided a necklace and opted for a slightly rough,pinned-up hair style which complimented her fresh look and elegant take on wearing white.

Fan Bing Bing in a creation by Chris Bu Kewen

This oriental inspired dress was designed by her stylist Chris Bu Kewen. We are sure you will agree it makes a dramatic impact with its fire red colours paired against her very pale skin and raven hair.

The column shape that it forms at the front elongates her figure making her quite statuesque even though she’s not that tall, whilst the train gives the dress a double helping of timeless glamour. She could have worn her hair down with this but keeping it up adds to the chicness of the overall look and her long but delicate earrings enhance her neck line, avoiding a necklace was again the best decision as it would have been too much with the dress.

Sonam Kapoor in Jean Paul Gaultier

This dress has to be my personal favourite, we love the clever design by Jean Paul Gaultier and think it is beautifully worn by Sonam.  It ticks all the boxes that a dress for this type of event should have such as elegance and superb construction but also a wonderfully modern twist, whilst still achieving that show stopping statement look.

It’s a fantastic version of the white dress that is everywhere at the moment. The harsh lines that this dress has around the waist and shoulders are softened by the over lay fabric and its sheerness.  It has given her curves where she would normally struggle to achieve them, keeping her hair up and make-up clean finishes off this superb look perfectly and you can tell she is oozing confidence in it.

Cheryl Cole in Stephanie Rolland

Not someone who we are used to seeing on the red carpet at Cannes but Cheryl has thought about her outfits very carefully making sure her impact is noticed for all the right reasons. Yes it’s another white dress! But it’s a very different take from the more traditional wide hem gown previously seen. This dress is designed by Stephanie Rolland and we have to say it looks great on her, her daring neck line is the centre piece here and it is finished off nicely by the statement gold belt.

Cheryl clearly wanted to make sure she got noticed, but because white is perceived as a pure and fresh colour she gets away with the openness of this without making the wrong impression.  Her hair is sleek and stylish, matching the clean lines of the dress which makes her look well groomed and in control of her look rather than overtly sexy – Well done Cheryl!

Karolina Kurkova in Girogio Armani Prive

The gorgeous model Karolina Kurkova shows how to do red carpet glamour, she wowed the crowd in this Giorgio Armani Prive mermaid dress which is completely covered in antique blue sequins and Swarovski crystals. Midnight blue is a colour that creates an impact and can be worn by most skin types.

You have to have a good figure for this but it would also suit curvier women as it’s a darker colour. The open back gives the dress sex appeal and her loose finger wave side-do completed the classic screen siren look.

Before we look at the worst of the dresses seen at Cannes this year, we must also send a style shout out to the fantastic Jane Fonda, who looked amazing in every outfit she was photographed in during the festival.

She may have had a little help erasing a few winkles but this is a style icon we should all take notes from and at 73 she is an inspiration showing us all that age is just a number!

Ok so here are our worst dressed list…

Rachel Mcadams in Monique Lhuillier

This has sadly been included in this category because we feel like Rachel is breaking all style rules of red carpet glamour.  This is a golden opportunity to wow people. Yes she looks beautiful in this Monique Lhuillier combination but it’s effectively a wide trouser suit look and is best suited to sipping chilled white wine on the Riviera not on the red carpet at an event where even the paparazzi have to wear their tux.

We cannot deny that the outfit is sophisticated and glamorous but we cannot help feeling a tad disappointed at her choice of attire.

Karolina Kurkova in Chanel

We have chosen Karolina to give you a comparison of how someone can  get it right and then also get it so wrong. This Chanel dress has really let her down, considering how incredible she looked in her Armani dress.. This dress doesn’t really compliment any part of her figure, apart from showcasing her gorgeous long legs of course. The dress hangs off her figure and with such a lot of detail on it such as sequins, lace and feathers all in one area, she gets slightly lost in its design. The shoes are also quite hard in comparison to the dress and we felt some form of strappy sandal would have complimented it much better.

Call us traditional but we believe that if your on the red carpet the dress should be floor length every time, If she wore this to an after party rather than the main event then it would work on a different level but not for main red carpet appearance!

Bryce Dallas Howard in Reem Acra

The first thing we did when we saw Bryce in this dress designed by Reem Acra is Google if she was pregnant as it appears from this photo that she is concealing a baby bump. After seeing her in other outfits at Cannes and finding nothing reporting that she is pregnant we can simply put this down as a failure on the stylist or personal front.

What were they thinking when she agreed to wear this..?  the colours work well with her hair and skin tone but the lack of construction and choice of material for this type of dress simply hides her gorgeous figure and makes her look frumpy. There’s nothing more to say about this one apart from its just not working!

Candice Boucher

Model and aspiring actress Candice Boucher has just finished filming an Israeli movie Hearat Shulayim in Morocco which is due to be premiered in Cannes. This dress designed by Gavin Rajah has elements of what could be beautiful, but would be better suited at an MTV awards party rather that the sophistication of an event like Cannes.

She clearly wants to be noticed but for us, its for all the wrong reasons here, she clearly has a great figure that could be shown off in a much more elegant dress as we are sure she could have had her pick from most designers. Unfortunately we feel she has broken all the style rules of the red carpet here and failed to pick an outfit suitable for the occasion and setting. Instead she has ended up looking somewhat trashy which we are sure is not the impression she was aiming for.

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